Command line on Nokia N900

August 16th, 2012 | Tags: , ,

The Nokia N900 is getting a little old now, but it still an amazing piece of kit. This post has a few pointers for making the most out of command line usage it enables.

  • Command Line Execution Widget: This widget lets you run commands from the desktop and outputs the results..
  • Cmd Shortcuts: Allows you to quickly run your own defined commands.
  • gPodder: This excellent podcast catcher comes with a command line interface. Run gpo from the terminal to get the full list of options.
  • FeedingIt: This RSS aggregator can be run from the command line. The known options are /usr/bin/FeedingIt update and /usr/bin/FeedingIt status.
  • Alarmed: This is a graphical interface to the cron scheduler. Apart from neat access to phone functionality (e.g. switching profiles, networking, and yes alarms) it also allows arbitrary shell commands to be scheduled. This is particularly useful with the gPodder and FeedingIt mentioned above. To use this tool you currently need to enable the testing repository.
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